TRISMETRICS is a signals trading system for Forex traders, it is connected to your PC and to your broker trading platform. It has been specifically developed for METATRADER platforms.

TRISMETRICS is available for Trisman Institutional Clients under exclusive conditions.

The Trisman company has developed a software that detects buy and sell pressures, that sends buy and sell signals and which executes entries and exits according to previously set risk and profit parameters. After two years of testing in simulators from different brokers with real time prices and achieving positive results, the Trisman company officially uses the Trismetrics system for its own currency trading.


1. TRISMETRICS is the only system that associates the reading of objective chart moves, with the reading of subjective opinions issued by different online trading sources.
2. TRISMETRICS Trismetrics issues signals based on:
a. A constant reading of technical oscillators (RSI, Stochastic, Moving Average).
b. A constant lecture of buy and sell signals issued by different sources.
3. Trismetrics is specifically designed for Scalping strategies (trades under 24hrs) and Swing strategies (trades over 24hrs).
4. Trismetrics is a complementary system to your own technical analysis and of support to your decision making.

      "Trisman does not underestimate, human skills to decision making, we have simply chosen to strengthen our decisions with a trading system with higher concentration capacity, inexhaustible physically and mentally, and with the ability to decide emotionless". Trismetrics.


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