Trisman: Top 3 Brokers

The search criteria’s for Brokers, can be as varied as brokers are, nevertheless the relevance of some criteria’s and complying with some requirements, makes that some Brokers are simply more requested than others.

At Trisman we have defined together with our clients, 8 objective criteria’s that must govern a Broker choice and that should drive Brokers’ excellency.

1. Guarantees and legality.
2. Transparent executions and costs.
3. Competitive prices and commissions.
4. Margin and leverage conditions.
5. Efficient and advanced trading platforms.
6. Liquidity and markets variety.
7. Profitability in consultancy and funds management.
8. Support and online solutions.

The Trisman Top 3 Brokers selection issued by its Private Advisory department, integrates the 8 Trisman criteria’s of Broker excellency, and does not influence the Top 10 Brokers result, issued by our trading clients, although they can match or differ.

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Aug 17 2022

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