Why Advise

The Forex and CFDs market has been for many years the largest financial market, where globally close to 400 brokers worldwide, daily intermediate negotiating 4 trillion dollars.
The sales activity of its brokers disregarding whether they are DMA, MM, ECN, NDD or STP, generates a total of deposit amounts that monthly varies between 50.000 USD and 2.000.000 USD.

Traditional banks and brokerage houses worried about the targeting of their customers have recently awakened their interest towards this market and its multimillion business volume, by developing their own online trading departments or by establishing Business Partnerships with online brokers.
Nevertheless, to set up, develop or maintain a Forex and CFDs business unit and choose its provider, requires experience and a deep knowledge of the interrelation between Client / Market / Broker.

“… disregard independent and experimented private advisory, can result in a long and ruinous learning curve”. Trisman Guide "What your Broker will never tell”, May 2010.

Results for Institutional Clients
  • Work with the appropriate broker and IT provider to your business objectives in Forex and CFDs.
  • Preserve and increase your current client’s portfolio, by covering target markets that are generally not approach properly (FX, CFDS, MT).
  • Develop a new sales front that will produce greater dividends than any other traditional banking product. FX returns are enormous and immediate.
  • Reach a more transparent trading and more competitive prices for the clients.
  • Multiply your FX and CFDs business volume.
  • Demonstrate your independence from the broker and IT provider.
  • Adapt your current offer to the market and clients reality.
  • Protect your brand image.
Results for Private Investors
  • Global Solution for FX / CFDs Broker projects. Departments advisory:
  • - Sales.
    - Trading.
    - Back Office.
    - Compliance.
    - Administrative.
  • Issues Resolution:
  • - Legal representatio.
    - Banking account.
    - Immigration procedures.
    - Operation licenses.

Risk Warning:
Forex, spread bets and CFDs are leveraged products. They may not be suitable for you as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial investment. You should ensure you understand all of the risks amd seek for independent proper advisory.