Trisman Real Estate

Trisman Real Estate offers services of mediation, advisory and management on real estate buying and selling transactions and on its corresponding rights and obligations.

We work exclusively under our client’s buy and sale orders; all generated through our different Trisman services.

Our clientele has a high purchase profile and is formed by private investors, investment funds, banks and business groups.
Answering to our client’s requirements, we have strictly specialized in:

(Marbella, Sotogrande, Madrid, Barcelona, Balears, San Diego CA, Miami FLA, Cancun MEX)

(Spain. Hotels 4/5 stars, private hospitals, malls, office buildings)

(Lot min. 20.000 sqft. Urbanistic developments commercial/residential)

Why Trisman Real Estate

Acting in the best interest of buyers and sellers we deliver a seamless, personable service from start until completion. Whether you are looking to sell or buy a realty, our core business and main activity on managing capital risk on financial markets, allows us to provide you a wide range of solutions in Spain, and internationally, but mostly to quickly offer you the product and/or the potential client.