Choosing the right Broker for your investment is the first step towards an intelligent trading and one of the most important conditioning of your trading results.

Step 1 Search

The Trisman search engine has been developed considering the selection criteria, commonly required by investors to a Broker. The Broker search is multi-criteria and delivers to the trader the result of one or various Brokers.

Step 2 Compare

The resultant Brokers from your search are automatically inserted in the Broker Comparator, from where you can visualize each Brokers offer.
Additionally you can match Your Selection with our trading clients Top 10 Brokers selection and Trisman Top 3 Brokers selection.

Step 3 Choose

The Broker Directory brings you directly to the web of the chosen Broker or the Broker you wish to know. It is our duty to give you direct access to any Broker that might be of your interest.

Step 4 Consult

The Private Advisory service is reserved for clients registered with Trisman and clients that have registered with a Broker, through Trisman registry service for traders. Both services are free.

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